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Sachin Tendulkar proposes a rule change after a bizarre incident in the Ashes

Ben Stokes survives as ball hits stump but bails don’t fall off in 4th Ashes Test (Reuters Photo)

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar proposed a new rule change after a bizarre incident that took place on day 3 of the 4th Ashes test in Sydney.

The incident took place in the 30th over of England's 1st innings. Cameroon Green's delivery from round the wicket was left alone by Ben Stokes and the ball seemed to hit the off-stump but the bails weren't dislodged.

Umpire Paul Reiffel adjudged Ben Stokes as leg before and the Englishman reviewed it straight away. Replays clearly showed that the ball hit the off-stump but miraculously didn't move even though Cameron Green bowled it at 142kmph.

Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to express his opinion on the subject. He suggested that irrespective of the bails falling down the batsmen should be given out to reward the bowlers for hitting the stumps.

Sachin tagged Shane Warne and the Australian spinner replied saying

The incident once again brings to light the weight of the bails. A similar incident also happened five times during the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Virat Kohli expressed his dissatisfaction on the topic during the World Cup.

"I haven't seen that happen so many times in the past," Kohli told reporters at a briefing.

"I'm sure no team would like seeing stuff like that when you actually bowl a good ball and then you don't get the guy out, the ball hits the stump and the lights don't come on, or the lights come on and the bail comes back on to the stump."

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